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Tanners of all game skins & exotic leathers | Selling of game skins

Game Skin Tannery -
Game Skin Tannery -

Game Skin Tannery -

Game skin tanning and taxidermy

Game skin tanning and taxidermy is not only an art it is the also a way of life - a South African Tradition. The owner and employees of Game Skin Safari take pride in many years of service to the South African and International Hunting community. Our state of the art facilities located a few miles outside of Cape Town, South Africa, makes Game Skin Safari easily accessible by road, air or train. We specialize in the hair-on tanning of game skins as well as the tanning of domesticated animal hides such as sheep, goat and the very popular Nguni hides. Our team of tanners are highly trained to ensure the best quality tanned hides for a lasting memory and keepsake from the unique experience of an African Safari or hunting trip. In addition to the tanning of game skins we we are qualified Taxidermists and offer the best quality Hunting Trophy Mounts - a true art and skill that we take pride in. Game Skin Safari's owner Hano Smuts has hunted since childhood and understands the importance of a beautifully preserved and processed game hide or trophy.

Don't be disappointed by inferior quality tanning and processing which will ruin the memories of a "once in a life time" African Hunting Safari - let the experts at Game Skin Safari take care of your game skin tanning and trophy processing and shipping.

Game Hide Curing and Preservation

It is extremely important to follow the correct procedures in preserving you game hides to ensure the best quality end result. Follow our easy instructions for the best quality Hunting Trophy and  Game Skin results. Game Hide Curing Guidelines

Game Hide Curing Preservation Guidelines
The Purpose of Curing:

To protect freshly flayed hides and skins from micro-organisms and to store them for a period of time.
It takes only a few hours for bacteria to destroy the hair root, causing hairslip. there are many methods to follow, but remember to delay curing, will ensure your disappointment at the end of the day...Read More

Game Skin Tannery -
Game Skin Tannery -
Game Skin Tannery -

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