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Game Skin Tannery -

Hide Curing

Game Skin Tannery -

The Purpose of Curing:

To protect freshly flayed hides and skins from micro-organisms and to store them for a period of time.

It takes only a few hours for bacteria to destroy the hair root, causing hairslip. there are many methods to follow, but remember to delay curing, will ensure your disappointment at the end of the day.


  • Skin animals as soon as possible after shooting.
  • Remove all excess fat, blood and meat.
  • Wash off all the blood and dirt on the skin.
  • If possible soak the skin for a minimum of 3 hours, or overnight, in a saturated salt and Bactericide (Dettol) solution.
  • As you remove the hide from the solution open and flatten the skin on a clean surface with the flesh side up. Cover the skin with salt. Be liberal with the salt!


  • It is important, as a guideline to use an equal quantity of salt to the weight of the skin (1kg of salt per 1kg of skin weight)
  • The skin must then lie in salt for at least 3 days, after which the skin should be dried out. The sooner the skin is dehydrated, the better. There is nothing wrong with drying the skin in the sun. If someone does not have time to do this, the skin must be rolled in the salt and dried at destination.

Do not:

  • Do not drag the animal, or leave it in the sun after it has been shot.
  • Do not leave blood, fat or flesh on the skin (salt does not penetrate fat)
  • Do not salt a skin that has already started to dehydrate. Rather soak it in a strong salt solution.
  • Do not store the skin in a plastic bag. (transportation only)

For futher assitance:

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Game Skin Tannery -
Game Skin Tannery -

Game Skin Tannery -
Game Skin Tannery -
Game Skin Tannery -

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